Co-commissioned by

An Appalachian Summer Festival
Chinese Performing Arts
Da Camera of Houston
Evergreen Symphony Orchestra

World Premiere

An Appalachian Summer Festival
Boone, North Carolina (Summer 2006)

Other Performances

Jordan Hall, Boston (presented by Chinese Performing Arts)
Da Camera of Houston
Salt Bay Chamber Fest
Evergreen Symphony, Taipei (version for solo viola & orchestra)

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Program Notes

Duration: 14 minutes

Chen has written, “Shu Shon Key was inspired by a Taiwanese folk melody and conveys homesickness as well as a reminiscence of my Taiwanese childhood. Since Hsin-Yun and I were born in Taiwan and now we both reside in the West, it is most fitting for me to use a Taiwanese folk melody as the basis for this piece. This is also consistent with my compositional focus in recent years on the integration of Western techniques with elements from a Chinese sound world.” At times the work is passionate, at times cool and haunting, playful and festive. Chen writes daringly for the viola; while highlighting the richness of its timbre, she also uses pizzicato to imitate the pipa, an ancient Chinese plucked instrument. Away