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Weekend Traveler

Alanna Records
Release: Fall 2014

O Northern Star

O Northern Star is an original composition of the New Century Saxophone Quartet's tenor saxophonist, Stephen Pollock. It is inspired by folk music he heard as a youngster, as well as by his habit, whenever traveling, to locate Polaris, the North Star, in the evening sky. The work was premiered at the Wildacres Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina in 2001. This video was shot on the grounds of Wildacres.


Veracruz was commissioned by the New Century Saxophone Quartet in 2010 as part of their folk music project. The arranger, Jose Riojas, writes: "The piece is a collage of Mexican folk songs originally from the state of Veracruz called Son Jarochos (one of my favorite types of songs), many of which have been set and made popular through the Mariachi idiom. Ive had contact with this music my entire life: from my parents and grandparents singing the songs around the house all the way to eventually performing much of this music myself. In setting this for saxophone quartet, I did not intend to simply use the material or create something new from the existing folk material, but to create an honest and stylistically authentic setting of the original songs as I have come to know them. I hope the result to be a virtuosic and rhythmic showcase for saxophone quartet that can bring the listener close to this style of folk music. The songs woven together throughout the piece include El Balaju, Veracruz, La Bamba, Le Canto Mi Veracruz, El Cascabel, and El Zapateado.

Robert Burns
My Wife's a Wee Winsome Thing

You knew Robert Burns was a poet. But did you know he was also a composer? Several of these tunes of his are set for saxophone quartet by Paul Harvey.

Stephen Pollock
O Northern Star

This work by the New Century's tenor saxophonist was inspired by the amazing night sky in Alaska, where he spent much of his youth.

Jacob ter Veldhuis: Heartbreakers (1999, rev. 2004): Promo
Heartbreakers is multimedia work, here arranged for New Century by the composer, samples material from American talk shows against a jazz-inspired score. It is at once moving and controversial.

J.S. Bach: Contrapunctus VII
From the New Century's recording of the complete Art of Fugue (Channel Classics).

J.S. Bach: Contrapunctus XI
From the New Century's recording of the complete Art of Fugue (Channel Classics).

Russell Peck: Drastic Measures (II. Allegro)
The title track from the New Century's recording "Drastic Measures" (Channel Classics).

Ben Johnston: O Waly Waly Variations
From the New Century's recording recording "On Track" (Alanna Records).

George Gershwin: Bess You Is My Woman
From the New Century's recording "Main Street USA" (Channel Classics).