Argo S Dog (1999-2013) served as Chief Operating officer, in charge of security, bill collection, and document shredding. Mr. Dog came from humble origins. Abandoned as a newborn (at approximately the same time as the founding of BesenArts), he was rescued by Animal Control and subsequently spent about six months at the Bide-A-Wee animal shelter on the East Side of Manhattan. There he met Robert Besen and Dena Levine in May 2000, striking up such a fast friendship that they invited him to move in. Robert soon realized that Argo showed extraordinary skills in customer relations, as well as a discerning ear (in fact, two of them), and asked him to join BesenArts. Mr. Dog took his name from the loyal friend of Odysseus, Argos, the sole member of the warrior’s family to recognize him upon his return to Ithaca after 20 years on tour. We miss you, Argo!