General Information

Robert Besen’s course Booking Your Own Concerts has been offered by the Mannes School of Music Extension Division.

It is possible to arrange a private version of this course for one or more artists (the ideal number of students is 3-6), as well as individual consultations of selected topics from the course outline below as well as other aspects of career development.


Most artists are not fortunate enough to have quality professional management. These artists (and even those who do have management) stand to benefit tremendously from a thorough knowledge of the process of booking a concert engagement. These skills will serve them well in:

It is a myth that concert presenters are willing to hire only artists with management; indeed, the majority are willing to work directly with artists, and many prefer it. This course provides an in-depth and practical look at the process of finding and communicating with concert presenters: learning how to make one’s work interesting to them and their audiences, negotiating fees, drawing up contracts, and seeing events through to a con-clusion so that the needs of artist and concert presenter alike are met. Interactive role-playing with concert presenters from around the country (using a speaker phone) will allow students to gain practical experience.

Course Outline