Leo Besen, Chief of Artistic Development, arrived on July 4, 2005. On hearing young Mr. Besen make his first audible statements the doctor who delivered him said the new guy would surely be an opera singer. However, thus far Mr. Besen’s predilection has proven more for chamber music. In 2008, he began his violin studies with Dorothy Roffman at the Thurnauer School of Music, and is currently a student of Jinah Lee. He is a member of the Thurnauer Symphony Orchestra, and Co-Concertmaster of the Tenafly Middle School Sixth Grade Orchestra. He danced in the Children’s Division of the School of American Ballet from 2011 through 2013, studying there with Darci Kistler, Sheryl Ware, Kaitlyn Gilliland, and Lisa de Ribčre. He is an avid photographer and videographer.